college for women

college for women

at the heart of our institution is a premiere baccalaureate college for women. this traditional undergraduate program offers over 60 majors, with an additional 35 more in partnership with neighboring colleges and universities.

why students choose st. kate’s

imagine a place where you can realize your full potential among people invested in the education of women. where you can freely express yourself with the fellowship and support of your peers. where leadership is encouraged and not a competition, and strong women role models are everywhere.

that’s st. kate’s—the largest private women's university in the nation. here you’ll find and be able to claim an education in which the talents, aspirations and contributions of women are not only valued, but acknowledged as central to the world’s future.

tuition and aid

a st. kate’s education is one of the most worthwhile investments you’ll ever make, but you don’t have to do it alone. from student employment to scholarships, financial aid, and financing, we are committed to making st. kate’s affordable for you and your family.

tuition is charged per credit, with most students taking 16 credits a semester. the cost for a full time student—before considering scholarship awards, financial aid, or other fees and living expenses—is $45,374.

at st. kate’s, 100% of first-year students receive some form of financial aid.

financial aid and tuition


admission deadline

the college for women’s priority decision and scholarship deadline is february 1.

get in touch with admissions

the first person you’ll meet from st. kate’s will likely be your admission counselor. find out how they can personally help you through the application and admission process.

meet your counselor