innovative and relevant research

st. kate’s students partner with faculty, alumni, and business leaders to expand their learning beyond the classroom to gain real-world experience. students apply and practice their skills while building relationships within their fields.

student research opportunities
AMP students participate in mentoring opportunities while getting paid for their work.
assistantship mentoring program

the assistantship mentoring program (amp) creates the space for students and faculty or staff mentors to engage in intellectual creativity and collaboration through paid teaching, research, and program assistantships.

assistantship mentoring program

students and faculty present their research together at a conference
collaborative research

work alongside your professors as part of a team, resulting in meaningful collaboration, mutual support and, in many cases, outcomes resulting in peer-reviewed presentations, publications, and exhibits.

undergraduate research and creative inquiry

graduate student research

faculty and students collaborate on hot air balloon research
faculty research and scholarship

our faculty are active researchers, writers and speakers; many of them internationally known for their contributions toward the advancement of their fields of study.

visit the faculty scholarship showcase to get a taste of the many exciting projects in which our faculty are immersed, often in collaboration with students.

faculty scholarship showcase 2020

research at the university

research and sponsored programs
charged with advancing university research, scholarship, and innovation, spree oversees university grantmaking, grant submission, sponsored programs administration, research compliance, and institutional review board administration.

libraries and archives
our libraries and archives foster the research efforts of our faculty and students, provide space and tools for them to collaborate, and help disseminate their research to the broader scholarly community.

women’s health integrative research center
through collaborative initiatives, the whir center is transforming the study and practice of healthy, vital lives for women.

katies for aging research and equity
this research education program supports underrepresented minority students to study and promote healthy aging and longevity for all.

interprofessional education
participate in team-based clinical experiences that provide holistic, research-based patient-centered care, and prepare to be a healthcare leader.

research led by the st. kate’s community covers topics including aging, education, mental health, substance abuse, women in leadership, and equity and diversity.

in fiscal year 2017, st. kate’s received more than $8.5 million in new awards to help advance scholarship and program innovation. they include:

  • investments for the catie center to serve as a national experiential learning model and build the behavioral health interpreting workforce.

  • serving as the host for the nsf-funded “statprep” project to build statistics competencies.

  • studying staff retention in long-term care settings.

in 2018, we also received two grants from the national science foundation to purchase equipment to enhance research and fund the development of protocols for stem instruction.

in 2019, we were awarded a national institutes of health (nih) and national institute on aging (nia) grant to implement the katies for aging research and equity (kare) program, which will prepare diverse students for careers in aging research.